Host Your Own Event

 Host Your Own Event

                                           The Peninsula Plein Air Painters Association

                                                    We Pronounced it (T,P,PA,PA.)

Guidelines: Hosting a Plein Air and Street Painting Events is alot of fun and is not very difficult. It will not require extensive management experience, just the ability to communicate and coordinate. It requires thinking about what you want to do, using your head and following through. Plein Air and or Street Painting Events can be a very simple and informal event that requires little effort on your part. Or you can make it an elaborate event that has the potential to generate sales and publicity for you and the other participants.

Planning a Basic Plein Air and Street Painting Events:

At the basic level you choose a place, date and time and write a brief description for the blog site.  You might need to contact any owners or managers of the property where you will be painting to make sure that you have permission. You will need to know about parking, restrooms, hours of access, address and directions. Write a brief description for the website and include the information above as needed. As a courtesy you might note where the closest restaurant, gas and convenience store is located. Invite artists to Carpool with you!

Note: Hosting a Plein Air and Street Painting Events does not have to require a great deal of advanced planning. It might only take a day or so to get the event posted on the website and send an email blast. So, if you have a sudden urge to hold an event next month, it might not be too late.  

Miscellaneous Details: Some other details to think about: Do you want to meet at a certain place and time, or should people just show up when they feel like it? Do you want to plan to gather for lunch? You can do an end of the day critique or even plan a pot luck social for afterwards. These are all good ideas but you have the option to keep it as simple as you want, the main thing is to enjoy do it.

Email to Coordinator: Write a brief description of the event and email it to the Plein Air and Street Painting Events coordinator; ATTN: Alan Shiner Announcement will be posted on my blog at Email blast will be sent to blog member and TPPAPA members. Please include all of your contact info in your email to our coordinator.

The Plein Air and Street Painting Event:

Show up a little bit earlier with your coordinator and make sure your cell phone is turned on!  You might want to bring a thick marker and a large board with some duct tape to attach it with for a sign. Make sure you have a camera or phone with a camera to take pictures of the event.  This will help to promote other events in the future. Also keep track of how many people show up. Happy Painting!!!